Selenium Yeast, as the sole
source of added selenium.

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Victor is a Super Premium pet food manufactured by family owned and operated Texas based Mid America Pet Food.   Victor Premium Dog Food is distributed thru a network of independent distributors that service independent retailers across the United States.  

The Victor line now includes:

6 Highly Active & Sporting Dog Formulas
5 Normally Active Dog Formulas
4 Grain Free Formulas

ALL victor formulas share these qualities :

-Free from Corn, Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Grain By-Products

-All Naturally Formulated with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors

-Contains scientifically advanced additives from Alltech that works to support excellent digestion and immune system health

Selenium Yeast as the sole source of added Selenium in all formulas!

Super Premium Dog Food

Grain Free
> 33/16 Chicken-All Life Stage
> 42/22 Ultra Pro 42
> 33/16 Hero Canine
> 33/16 Active Dog and Puppy
Normally Active
Dog Formulas
> 27/11 Senior / Healthy Weight
> 25/12 Ocean Fish
> 24/12 Lamb Meal Brown Rice
> 24/12 Chicken Rice w/Lamb
> 23/11 Beef Meal & Brown Rice
Highly Active &
Sporting Dog Formulas
> 26/18 Performance / Joint Health
> 26/18 Professional Formula
> 24/20 High Energy Formula
> 22/10 Multi-Pro Maintenance


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