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Victor Extrusion Processing is a relatively complex method of pressure cooking that has been used in both the pet food and human food industry for many years. A finely ground moist formula is compressed by the extruder against a die plate. It is the sudden “release” of pressure as the product exits through a die that causes the starch molecules to literally “explode”. This changes the uncooked dense starch molecules into a honeycomb like structure that resembles a piece of popcorn or snowflake. Digestive enzymes in the small intestine can easily digest these less dense molecules in a very short period of time.

Research that is published in Nutrient Requirements for Horses (NRC) shows that Only 29.1% of cracked corn (typical of grains found in “textured” horse feeds) is digested by the horses small intestine.

Only 49.1% of ground corn (typical of grains found in pelleted feeds) is digested by the horses small intestine.


Complex method of cooking and drying using steam and friction. Extrusion breaks down the food particles and allows the horse to digest up to 90% of grain in it’s SMALL INTESTINE. This keeps the grain from traveling to the large intestine (hind gut) where fermentation, heat, gas and discomfort begin. The importance of equine digestive health has long been under rated.


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