The Finest Equine Nutrition Available in the USA
A food designed to work with your
horses digestive system... Not around it!

Because of the unique manufacturing process used to cook this food.... Digestion of starch in the small intestine will be increased between 200% and 300% as compared to any textured or pelleted horse food. It makes no difference what brand you compare to!

Not only is the processing superior in every way to a Pellet or Textured food, the ingredient selection is of the most premium available in the United States. Victor contains only the highest quality ingredients and additives including those from Diamond V, Alltech, and Zinpro. In combination these ingredients work to support excellent digestion and a strong immune system.

With Victor, the rules have dramatically changed. No longer do you need to feed “Low Starch and High Fat” for your horse to perform like a Champion!

It doesn’t matter how little Pelleted or Textured food you feed your horse… Less than 50% of the undigested starch is dumped into the Hind Gut where it ferments along with the fiber. This fermentation produces much unwanted gas and heat. At some point this can, and often does lead to digestive upset. Health issues plaguing performance horses for years include Laminitis, Colic and Founder…. All of these can be traced to digestive upset issues, many times caused by “uncooked” starch fermenting in the Hindgut!

Whether you need to supplement your pasture horse with 4,000 calories per day, or need to feed 20,000 calories per day to for extreme work... Victor Extruded food will support your horses calorie requirements without the risk associated with conventional uncooked foods.

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